Carolus Boudewijn aka Carol or Carl is an artist from the Netherlands. The art of Carl has evolved from a long history of experimenting with different techniques and styles. Nowadays in the year 2019, his art focusses on depicting women in a style which is a crossroad between figurative and abstract. Over the years color has almost entirely disappeared from his artwork leaving strong monochromes as a result.

Born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands Carl grew up in a rich environment of nature, sailing and technique. As all youngsters he had to choose a career direction at a much too young age and choose for a technical direction. Despite his love for wandering hours in nature and his interest in drawing.

Every now and then his interest in art and drawing surfaced, especially his interest in monochrome abstract figurative art shone through as, at the age of 19, he experimented with linoleum printing techniques.

Career issues and building a family life pushed art further to the background. When the children grew older Carl and his wife Ans finally found the time to pick up art again. Ans is also creative and the both of them picked up painting. Through their facebook page "Verfhoutje" they shared their art for years.

When their children started to live on their own they had the time and rest to intensify their artistic interests. Ans started her own creative business ( Carl took up painting and drawing seriously.

Still trying to find his own style Carl started with realistic pencil drawings, followed by paintings in acryl and oil. Also urban sketching came by. But in the end monochrome work in a figurative and abstract style is the style where his heart lies. Just like decades ago when he, as a 19 year old, experimented with linoleum printing.